Self Portrait (still a work in progress)

Posted in Self-Portrait on November 23, 2008 by anthonysifoni

After a very efficient working period on last thursday’s class, the editing of the film is taking great shape.  All that remains is to add some minor scenes (including the final one) and the audio.  I know matching the narration to the video will take some time.  I do not expect the audio to flow perfectly over the footage and that some minor tweaking will be needed.  I also plan to work on it this week before the next class.

An interesting point I thought i would add is a source of inspiration for the editing.  Before beginning my editing in class, i took a 10 minute break to walk around the school to get into the “feel” of “walking”.  The walk around Dawson that included various hallways and stairs (settings that are also used in the video) was very useful.  Its hard to explain how exactly it helped the editing process, but it was after that “walk” that there was a flow of ideas.


Typography Example

Posted in Typography on November 23, 2008 by anthonysifoni

A good typography example I have found recently is from an album of the industrial rock band “Nine Inch Nails”. “Year Zero Remixed” is an album of remixed songs from their “Year Zero” album.  I find the typography interesting because of it’s use of numbers and letters to spell out the title in a different way.  Not only have the songs been remixed, but so has the manner of spelling.


Self Portrait (Growing Progress)

Posted in Self-Portrait on November 6, 2008 by anthonysifoni

The subtitle says it all.  Throughout the week, I have been looking over FCP video tutorials at in order to have a good sense of this complex program.  Looking back to my past experiences with FCP and iMovie, I dont know how i was ever able to use this programs without  I will admitthat the best way to learn something is through discovering it yourself, but for FCP, i gave into tutorials. 

I have also began brainstorming some ideas to discuss during my “monologue” about myself.

Ideas include:

-my laid back lifestyle (how i feel theres very few things that matter to worry about) (similar to “the Dude” in “The Big Lebowski”.

-how I am not sure what I want my career to be, but that one day, I will go through some sort of experience that will cause me “know”

-(maybe) mention why I have a slight limp when I am walking throughout the video

-(maybe) how I find and many others find I sound like a “stoner”

-Last statement will explain that the most important thing to me is music. That is when I open the door to reveal that all this time I was walking to a band practice.

Self Portrait (inspiration)

Posted in Self-Portrait on October 28, 2008 by anthonysifoni

I thought I should post one of the sources of inspirations for this project: the music video of Daft Punk’s Da Funk.  This video shows how much can happen or be said about someone during a “walk”.  

Self Portrait (software)

Posted in Self-Portrait on October 28, 2008 by anthonysifoni

Last class, I had began uploading footage to iMovie, but after having the in-class discussion on iMovie and FCP (Final Cut Pro), I have decided to switch (to FCP).  The reason for this is FCP’s ability to work with multiple frames instantly opposed to iMovie clips which needs to be reworked with Quicktime.  I feel that seeing and working instantly with multiple frames will generally be more inspiring (by giving you a more precise idea of how your idea is looking and how the final product will look).  The problem I see with iMovie and Quicktime is once the editing of the clips is done and placed on quicktime, if the finals results are unsatisfactory, it will be a hassle to go back and edit the iMovie clips.  That is what I believe, but I am sure that for some, the opposite is more simple.  I have some experience with FCP(mostly frustrating), but thanks to, many of the solutions to my questions, complications and most of all FRUSTRATIONS will be answered.

Typography Example

Posted in Typography on October 26, 2008 by anthonysifoni

Throughout the semester, we are supposed to blog interesting examples of typography that we encounter.

A recent one that I have discovered is for for the title Metallica’s most recent album “Death Magnetic”.  I was impressed by the use of the “horse shoe” shaped “D” and “C” to symbolize magnets.  

Self Portrait (Overview)

Posted in Self-Portrait on October 23, 2008 by anthonysifoni

When first assigned this project, a concept immediately rushed to my head.  I imagined a documentary “feel” style because A) it is one of my favorite categories of film and B) I feel it would be the best way to tell my “story”.  The concept is based around my walk through a building(consisting mostly of stairs) and generally explaining who I am and my views on life. 

Aesthetically, I will be using several frames.  What will be showing in each will most probably be decided in the editing process.  The camera will be following my actions and I, while my voice is being heard over as I am “talking” to the camera.  As I keep walking up these series of stairs (which should appear to be endless), I want the viewer to wonder where I am and where I’m walking to.  Throughout the feature, my face will not be shown until the final scene.  The principle behind this is to make the viewer visualize how my face looks.  The last scene consists of finally reaching a door, opening it to see my band set up, (I) pick up a guitar and we play a note when suddenly the screen turns black(thanks to Mr. Boffa for that idea).